Springtime and Sleep

After a cold winter, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and birds are chirping. Spring is here along with a few sleep hurdles. Aside from the time change affecting our sleep cycles, there are a few other seasonal changes like more daylight exposure, allergens, and unpredictable weather that impact sleep quality and overall health.  Saying goodbye to winter is great but are we ready for what spring brings along?

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EC Dental Science

August, 2018

Combining Orthodontic and Sleep Apnea Treatment Using Acceleration Techniques


Methods of treatment are now available for patients who need orthodontic clear aligner treatment and have also been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and request sleep oral appliance therapy. This can be accomplished most efficiently by correcting malocclusions using clear aligners with the use of high-frequency vibration throughout active and retention phase treatment, while at the same time treating the patient’s obstructive sleep apnea with an oral sleep appliance that fits over the clear aligners. Using this process, the patient avoids having to wait for orthodontic treatment to finish prior to treating OSA – a potentially life-
threatening condition…

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The Progressive Dentist

June, 2018

Dental sleep guru Dr. Steve Carstensen joins SleepArchiTx Advisory Board

Newport Beach, CA: SleepArchiTx, the only 360° end-to-end dental sleep program, announced that Steve Carstensen, DDS, FAGD, D.ABDSM, has joined the SleepArchiTx Advisory Board. Dr. Carstensen, well-known as an expert in Dental Sleep Medicine, has been treating sleep apnea and snoring since 1998….

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Sleep Education Consortium Dental Sleep Medicine Conference

February, 6 2018

The Growing Role of the Dentist in Sleep Disorders Medicine: Integrating the Dentist into the Medical Treatment Team

SleepArchiTx proudly sponsors Sleep Education Consortium’s Dental Sleep Medicine Conference, February 16-17 in Austin, TX.

Gain the knowledge you need to address your patient’s sleep concerns in a three day comprehensive course tailored to provide dental professionals with the essentials to build their dental practice in this evolving area of dentistry.

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Dental Products Report

January 10, 2018

14 things dentists should look forward to in 2018

The dental field has always been in a state of evolution and growth, and 2018 looks to be a continuation of that tradition. We talked to leaders in the dental world to find out what they expected to be new and exciting in the coming year. Their responses ran the gamut from technology to materials to industry changes.…

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Dental Sleep Practice

Winter Edition, 2017

Cover Story:

Building Your Sleep Practice? SleepArchiTx is your design-build solution

Is it frustrating to know that your patients are suffering from sleep disorders but you can’t help them because of obstacles that exist? SleepArchiTx™ has put together a solution that helps you overcome those obstacles. Working with SleepArchiTx gives you access to a panel of experts in malocclusion, TMJ contraindications, Dental co-morbidities, compromised airways and sleep issues to help you on a case-by-case basis…

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