This Sunday, Heart Attacks Increase

March 2020

Heart Attacks Increase 24% with Daylight Saving

Daylight saving begins Sunday, March 8, 2020, and we need to prepare.  This is one of the major seasonal events that impact over 1.6 billion people across 70 countries every year.

According to a study by Sandhu, Seth and Gurm in Open Heart journal, losing one hour of sleep in the spring had a 24 percent increase of heart attacks the following day. When fall’s daylight saving occurred, there was a 21 percent reduction of people having heart attacks due to the extra hour of sleep.

Also, author, professor and sleep scientist, Matt Walker discusses how Sleep is your superpower in a 2019 TED Talk.  He goes on to say, it only takes one hour of sleep loss to begin seeing a major effect in the body and our internal system.

You can watch his full TED Talk here: