Dr. David Crumpton: Complex Sleep Case Step-by-Step

April 17, 2019

How to treat malocclusions and sleep disorders concurrently

Learn about this combination therapy with clear aligners and the Aligner Sleep Appliance.

By David Crumpton, DDS

In recent years, our practice has been actively screening all our patients for known dental signs and symptoms associated with sleep disorders. These include patients who brux or grind their teeth, report they feel tired throughout the day, have a retrognathic mandible and suffer from malocclusions, among other signs.

Clear aligner therapy is one treatment we provide to address malocclusions. Knowing the correlation between malocclusions and sleep disorders, we had a dilemma in deciding what to address first. Fortunately, I discovered an ideal solution to this dilemma: combination therapy allows me to treat my patients with clear aligners and the Aligner Sleep Appliance® from SleepArchiTx™ to address both conditions concurrently. . .

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