May 13, 2020

CPAP Use May Spread COVID-19 

As all of us know, COVID-19 attacks the respiratory tract, and in severe cases the last treatment includes the use of ventilators. Earlier in the pandemic, however, the US had a shortage of ventilators. There was an attempt to convert Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines into ventilators. This came to a halt when it was determined that the use of CPAP machines could aerosolize COVID-19 through CPAP mask leaks.

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Is my tongue fat?

February 2020

Take Your Tongue To The Gym

According to a recent Penn Medicine study, researchers found that losing fat weight can improve the severity of sleep apnea that patients experience.

By losing bodyweight, patients are also trimming the size of the tongue. As you consider treatment options for your patients, the size of the tongue is an important component for the design of the sleep appliance you choose for the patient.

Did the turkey do it?

November 7, 2019

Don’t Blame the Bird: Why You’re Actually Tired After Thanksgiving Dinner

You have big plans after dinner to watch the game, visit with friends or play a round of touch football. But then that familiar feeling happens. Your energy is zapped, your eyes can barely open, and the only thing your body can do is lay horizontally in a recliner.

What’s truly causing the fatigue and lethargy that sets in an hour after our annual feast? Let’s dive into the facts.

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Here Comes Fall!

September 2019

Sleeping Better as Summer Becomes Fall

Did you know that the season of falling leaves, pumpkins, and lattes can result in months of poor sleep for some people. While fall has its cool nights that provide a nice break from hot summer nights, sleep deprivation can actually become a major problem. But this time of the year doesn’t need to result in you frustrated and tired—check out our advice.

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Dr. Salierno shares the dangers of DIY Sleep Appliances

August 12, 2019

The Dangers Of DIY Sleep Appliances

These dangers should also serve as a wakeup call to dentists who are treating sleep-related breathing disorders without proper training. If you’re making appliances for your patients, you should consider partnering with a company such as SleepArchiTx, who can train you and your team to diagnose, treat, and bill medical insurance. You should also consider membership in a group such as the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine to further your clinical knowledge.

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Read About Dr. Geoffrey Skinner’s Experience Using SleepArchiTx 

July 02, 2019

Seeing dentistry’s future in the Best of Class Winners

A turnkey solution to add sleep services to any dental practice

SleepArchiTx allows my team and me to focus on what we do best, which is treating patients. After working with them, we don’t have to worry about chasing down insurance companies or integrating medical billing into our office by ourselves. . .

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